Consulting firm Nucleus Research once again recognized Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne market leader ERP systems. This time, the investigation covered the second half of 2014. The most important distinctive features of JD Edwards system of competition is an attractive user interface, built-in analytics (OneView Reporting) and functionality to personalize the solution to the specific requirements of the industry. Analysts from the company Nucleus also appreciated the initiative on the implementation mechanisms of In-Memory, able to process larger volumes of data in a short time, as well as innovative methods of acquiring data from devices connected to the system. This last trend is known in the computer industry as the Internet of Things (IoT, the Internet of Things).

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has included a new module – rental management. The solution is aimed at companies whose main business is the rental of fixed assets such as machinery and equipment. The new module allows for verification of the availability of fixed assets, control the status of lease contracts, and also gives insight into the utilization and profitability of individual devices. The solution also supports the management of contracts, extension of the lease and the management of sales of ancillary services relating to the leased equipment such as the delivery of spare parts, consumables or maintenance.

Oracle released 57 new mobile apps for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. They are available for downloading from Apple’s App Store and from Google Play for Android. The purpose of these apps is to enable out-of-office employees to manage business processes. This streamlines key jobs and makes them more efficient, thus bringing measurable advantages to businesses.

Oracle created a dedicated application for iPads, allowing users to handle business processes in their organization. This dedicated application offers certain functions which are not available in a standard Web browser. These include Scratch Pad, an innovative functionality for attaching an electronic signature to your corporate documents.

The images comprise complete system architecture and can be installed on machines with Oracle VM for x86, on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, or on Oracle Database Machine. They may be part of the traditional environment and are prepared for cloud installation. Such installation can be used by customers for managing actual business processes. It also supports system evaluation, carrying out programming works or tests.

On the most recent list by Nucleus Research, JD Edwards is again considered one of the leading applications on the ERP market. The authors of the list particularly appreciated the new enhancements delivered with the next releases of the technology layer of the system, fostering improvement of system ergonomics features. These primarily include Watchlists, option of combining several different applications in a single view (Cafe One) and OneView Reporting, an innovative reporting utility known for over a year. According to analysts, these features perfectly complement the solid functionality offered by a mature ERP system like JD Edwards for years.

Oracle published a document with a user friendly description of the production cost accounting functionality in JD Edwards. The document is designed for individuals in charge of tracing costs of production, work in process, analysis and settlement of deviations from standard costs. The document presents a comprehensible description of the structure of data set on which Production Accounting is based in the system. Specifically, the document contains a description of calculation methods for specific values and explanation of changes of these values at different points of production orders life cycle.

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