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We offer services involving programming in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with its native utilities, and creating solutions integrated with ERP/JDE in third party programming environments. The actual production of our solutions is always preceded by business analysis to maintain consistency with the system logic implemented by the developer. 

To meet the expectations of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users, our team will offer professional approach to creating programming extensions wherever the default system functionality fails to cover the requirements of the business. Our solutions have advanced architecture, conform to the standards and guidelines of the system vendor. Our programmers have years of experience in working with system utilities, deep knowledge of data structures and business logic of the specific system modules. With all these advantages, we are capable of building solutions that are stable, flexible and easy to maintain. As we build the solutions, we also pay attention to their effect on standard system components, which is essential for future upgrade projects. At the client’s request, we will always carry out an analysis of business requirements in order to be able to translate them into a technical specification for the developed solution.



  • Interactive utilities (including such as Power Forms and portlets). According to actual needs, utilities may operate as database transactions, or work on the system’s transactional data, in full conformity with the standard logic. In addition, portlets can be set on E1Page items or on an Oracle WebCenter-based portal.
  • Reports and subsystem jobs
  • Prints/reports based on BI Publisher templates (Word, Excel, PDF templates) with options for advanced report appearance definition, dividing it into files, streamlining e-mail distribution, filing prints in dedicated folders.
  • OVR reports (One View Reporting)
  • Web Services for publishing system logic or system data for purposes of integration with external systems.
    Solutions (applications/reports/functions) for consumption of Web Services published by third party systems in JDE.

Our programmers have extensive experience in development of integration tools, where JD Edwards is among the highlights of integration. According to the customer’s preferences and the actual business case, our solutions may comprise various types of utilities (e.g. PC-desktop, Web, Windows services).

Solutions built in this way can on one hand communicate with any technology supported by the given programming environment and on the other hand can connect to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne:

  • on JDE database level (SQL, Oracle, DB/2)
  • on JDENET protocol call level
  • on Web Services call level)
  • on Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services level

With this approach, we are capable of pursuing various integration scenarios according to the actual requirements, data volume, architecture of third party systems and data provided by such systems..

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