The Tools Releases 9.2 Patching & Maintenance Advisor is a specially crafted document that will guide you through the Tools Release life cycle using step-by-step instructions. It was created by incorporating information from various resources, media contact as well as best practices. This will include downloading the 9.2 Tools Release using the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud website. Update Center or the Change Assistant tool, installing the Tools Release patch using Server Manager, and best practices on how to test and implement a Tools Release Update. The information provided throughout this Tools Release Patching & Maintenance Advisor is pertinent to all customers installing Tools Releases patches.

American analyst company Nucleus Research Inc. in Technology Value Matrix report covering the second half of 2015 years has regained its Oracle JD Edwards ERP market leader. The study authors emphasized the further improvements made to the system EnterpriseOne and existing mobile solutions. They mentioned, among others, update of 4 May 2015. extending the functionality of expense reports created via smartphones, to facilitate associated with the introduction of orders by sales representatives, as well as new acting offline mobile application for technicians, providing the opportunity to update the progress of work carried out in the field.

Oracle introduces a new product – JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Internet of Things Orchestrator. The system enables the collecting, filtering and analyzing real-time data on objects connected to the Internet. This eliminates a number of manual processes ( which were necessary till now) , provides the ability to prevent adverse business situations or quick response in case of their occurrence. It also offers an analysis of archival data, enabling constant improvement of applicable procedures.

Maintenance Pack Delivery Schedule. • Change to delivery schedule with JD Edwards Tools Release • Deliver Full Maintenance Packs on a quarterly basis Includes all of the components that we delivery today, such as Deployment Server, Enterprise Server, HTML Server, AIS Server, etc. • Deliver Web Only ( HTML and AIS) Maintenance Packs on the Update Center in between […]

Oracle has announced several new products on the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in areas such as mobile applications, the module Rental Management. In addition, Oracle has published news about the areas in which technology is applicable databases, in-memory. In the area of mobile applications, Oracle today announced the availability of several new applications, so that their total number is now 81. All applications are available for download from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

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